Frequenly Asked Questions

The best way to test us is to create a demo account. Contact our sales team!
Androlead supports most types of barcodes, with very few exceptions. The best one is QR Code, it is fast and reliable, and it is the one we recommend. Virtually all of the one dimensional barcodes are OK, like Code39, Code128, etc.  We have had problems with PDF417 using some types of phones, so this type of barcode is not recommended. Contact our team of barcode gurus to get more details and help choosing the right type of barcode.
Yes. Androlead supports direct typing of registration (or any other) numbers. They will be treated the same as scanned numbers.
Very secured. Due to the nature of information stored in this site, we take security very seriously. The site is hosted in a cloud based server farm, and protected by the highest level of SSL Encryption.
To be on the safe side, we do not store any credit card information in our database.
Yes. Androlead has an extensive API that allows you to smoothly and securely integrate your system with ours. All that is of course, optional. You can just send us your registration list in a simple email.
No. During the event, exhibitors are scanning badges and the data is stored in their devices. Whenever they have a connection, at the hotel at evening, or even when they are back home, they need to connect to the internet and upload their scans to the site.
Yes you can. Call us to get all the technical details.
We are working hard to create versions for Blackberry and Windows Phone. In the mean time, for people with these devices, we will provide rental devices.
The mobile application is free. But you need to obtain a license for a specific event, either from this site or from the event organizer.
Search for your event at the top of the page, to find out all the details including prices.
If you don't have any compatible device (iPhone, iPad, or any Android device from ver 1.6 and up), we have a limited quantity of rental devices. Check under the specific event to see if rentals are available in your event, and what are the prices.
Please check our refund policy.
The short version is: Yes, you can get a full refund until 24 hours before the event starts. No questions asked.
As soon as you upload your scans to this website (one click on your phone), you will get an email back with full details of your contacts.
You upload at the end of the event, every day, or whenever you like.
No. During the event, you scan badges and they are stored in your device. When the event is over, or at your hotel at evening, connect to the internet and upload your scans to the site.
Qualifiers are attributes that you can assign to your prospects. You set the list of qualifiers for yourself according to your business needs. Some examples can be: Client, Prospect, Decision Maker, Doctor, Needs more info, Requires demo, etc.
When you scan a badge, you can tick one or more of these check boxes. When you later download your list of contacts, these qualifiers will help you make a better use of them.

No. For each device you need to purchase a separate license. If you purchase more than one license in the one order, (paid together) the leads coming from all the devices under that order will be merged, to avoid duplications. In your leads list you will see people acquired in all the devices together. Usually that is easier to manage. If you don't want that behavior, just pay separately, and each order will stand by itself.
No problem. You can download the leads file in a format that can be imported directly into SalesForce.
That's easy. All you have to do is purchase all the licenses you need in one order. The leads coming from all the devices under that order will be merged, to avoid duplications. In your leads list you will see people acquired in all the devices together.
No. The infomation in Androlead server can only come from the event organizer. So the application will work only in events where Androlead has been contracted by the event organizer to handle lead retrieval. Check our website: if it's there, it works. If not, let them know about us!
Androlead for iPhone/iPad supports iOS ver 3.0 and higher.
Androlead for Android supports all Android versions from ver 1.6 and up.
Call our support line, at 202-241-5104 (US) or 647-801-8132 (CA) .