HTML5 Developer Conference

HTML5 Developer Conference San Francisco 2014

HTML5Devconf is the largest gathering of technical software developers, designers and decision makers in the world focused on Internet software technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js and other cross platform web, mobile and server technologies.

The Assocciation of nurses in Alberta

The Assocciation of nurses in Alberta Calgary

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American Bar Association Conference, DC 2012

American Bar Association Conference, DC 2012 Washington DC 2012

Individuals as diverse as G8 leaders, undergraduate students and community-based service providers increasingly recognize that the world needs to better understand global health challenges and their solutions. Yet what global health means continues to be defined as many people seek to understand how we may effectively collaborate across cultures, disciplines, languages and sometimes wide-ranging differences in resources and training to solve shared challenges to ensuring equitable health for all. The obstacles are substantial, but the opportunities are greater.