For the Exhibitor

For you, the exhibitor, the Androlead system means one thing less to worry about in your coming event.
From now on, you don't have to wait in long lines to rent your scanner. Because you have one already, right there in your pocket. Your smartphone, whether it is iPhone or Android, has a camera, and is fully capable of scanning barcodes. With the Androlead application, you will get your sales leads safer and faster. And there is nothing to return when the event is over.

To use the Androlead system:

1. Download the free Androlead application. Follow the download link according to your type of device.
2. Find your event in our website. You need to purchase a license for every device/phone/tablet that you want to use to capture leads.
3. Right after your purchase, you will receive an email with an Activation Code. Launch the application, and enter the Activation Code when asked for it.
4. You are now ready to use your device as a lead-retrieval scanner. If there are any special instructions for your specific event, they will appear in the email. You can either scan badges, or type the numbers manually. Some event badges have barcodes on them, some don't. The application does not need internet connection to operate.
5. When the event is over, or at any time before that, use your Androlead application to upload your scans to the website. Log in to the site, and download your sales leads. Yes, it's that simple.
6. Please do not hesitate to call our support line at any time if you have any question.