For the Event Organaizer

The Androlead system was designed from the get go with you, the event organizer, in mind. It was engineered to give you smooth operation, seemless integration, zero hassle during the event, and the same or better revenue, compared to the old cluncky scanners.

The advantages for you:

1. We sell the licenses, provide the application, host the database, handle the exhibitors, and send the scanned leads directly to their inboxes. You only have to upload the registration list at the beginning, and receive the check at the end.

2. No work for you in the lead retrieval front. That is saving in labour cost.

3. No more long lines before the exhibition to collect the scanners. No more lines at the end to return them.

4. Much less training and confusion. It's their phone, they know it so well. And the application is fool-proof. It's easy!

5. Buh-buh chargers, printers, rolls of thermal paper.

6. So long, bulky containers and expensive shipments to the exhibition center and back.

So what is the process to get all these benefits?

1. Contact our sales team, and sign a contract for the event.

2. Decide which fields from your registration database will be given to exhibitors (like name, email, phone, etc.) , and create an excel spreadsheet with that data. You will receive a template from us.

3. Send us the list.

4. Print your badges, either before the event, or at the registration desk. In case new people are registering, we have several ways to update our list: from simple additional excel to programmatic API.

5. That's it, actually. From that point, our system will do the work for you. Your event (with custom graphics, description, etc.) will appear on Androlead site, and licenses will be sold in the dates you defined. Yes, we do support different prices for early birds, late birds, and angry birds.

6. You send your exhibitors to download the free app and purchase licences from .

7. At the event, the exhibitors use their phones or tablets to scan visitors. They actually can do it not only in the exhibition floor. They carry their phones to social events, bars, etc. , and these are all great places to meet new people... and scan them!

8. At any time during the event or after it, the exhibitor can upload his or her list of scanned contacts to . This operation requires one tapping on a big green button. (and a working internet connection, too) In less then 10 seconds they will receive an email with all their contacts. Yes, it's that simple!

9. At any time, you can monitor your sales through our secured site.

10. When the event ends: Your check is in the mail! (that is just a way of speach. we prefer wire transfer)