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[05/09/2012] New Demonstration Video on YouTube!

New video in YouTube, demoing the use of the Android lead retrieval mobile application. See the application (Android version in this case) in action: Scanning badges, uploading data to the server, and receiving the sales leads back.
You will laugh, you will cry, it's an emotional roller-coaster.

[05/04/2012] New Article about Androlead!

There is a new article about Androlead in the respected Barcode magazine!
Read about why we created androlead, what are the advantages over conventional barcode scanners, and what are the benefits for the exhibitors.

Read the article in

[04/12/2012] Evaluatin Kit is now available!

Are you an Event Organizer? Want to see the Androlead system in action on your desk?
We have created an Evaluation Kit for you. With a free account, pre-loaded list of attendees, and badges that you can scan with your phone. Why not give it a try?

Get the Evaluation Kit